HiTechTrack Features

Real Time Tracking

 Fleet & Transport Management  Assets Monitoring & Control  On-Time & Online Information  Special Zone Control, Geozones

Travel Information

 Live Tracking & Travel ormation  On-Duty Off-Duty Hrs Report  Distance Reports by Duty Hrs  Different Formats Information

Additional Features

 Ignition Control ON/OFF    Driver Identification  Temperature Monitoring    100+ types sensors supported

Standalone or Integrated GPS Tracking Solution

A complete fleet management or INTEGRATED with odoo/openerp.

Advanced Real-Time Tracking Features


Live notifications of events such as geo-fences, speed limit, SoS, connection and even engine start or door open.

POI Point of Interest

Markers on map, interested locations such as customers, project sites, locations can be named with description & detail.

Mobile Tracking App

iPhone, Android and Windows Moible App available. Also the mobile or smart phones device can be used as trackers.


Control the vehicles or assets movement inside or outside the designated areas and zones with real time alerts on change.

Fleet Mgmt Sensors

Monitor, alert and report sensors for fuel, temperature, humidity, doors, seat belt, engine on/off and many more...

Advanced Reports

Multiple type of reports such as pdf, xls, html and alerts, alarms, emails, sms notifications, dashboards and other advanced reports.